About Salt&Printer

Here at Salt&Printer, we are passionate about art, design, and the written word. Our works are inspired by trends in interior design, culture, our travels, and people. 

We believe the "home" is more than just the lines and contours that make up that space. The home is a haven, a place of comfort and warmth. The home is a getaway, a place to dream, to discover, and to create. The home is an artwork in itself, with its textures and patterns, depths and details. We strive to create works that embody our philosophy of the home in the hope that they will one day reside on the walls of your home and turn your space into a haven, a getaway, or simply, an artwork in itself.


About our products

Our digital wall arts are carefully designed then saved professionally at 300 DPI in a wide range of sizes to accommodate most of your printing needs. We recommend printing on matte or satin paper instead of glossy paper because the surface will be less reflective and the prints will look better visually with your home decor.


We're based in Vancouver, Canada. For questions about our company, products or orders, feel free to send us a message, email us at contact@saltandprinter.com, we look forward to assisting you!